Yukari Nakajima is a member of the 2nd Generation of the Green Hunters, and main protagonist of Midori Ryoshi Season 2.

Appearence Edit

Yukari has got green hair in a bob-style, with fox-ears and small horns sticking out of the head. All over her body, she got the same markings as other Oni have, but instead of red, they are pure black. She usually wears a white shirt with red & blue stripes, a black jacket, a navy blue pair of trousers and blue shoes, with a fox-tail being visible from behind.

Personality Edit

She is a cheerful person, despite her appearence saying otherwise.

History Edit

During her childhood, she was left by her father who sensed a great danger, leaving her with her mother Sakuya, who also was partialy astranged.In 2045 AD, in search of her mother, she stumbled upon the Green Hunters which she later joined, to become stronger, so she can defeat the reason her father left.The VI Rebirth of Emperor Sutoku. After defeating her, she gained 15%-Daitengu DNA which got activated during a Battle against the Iron Giant named Deus Drago.

Abilities Edit

She is a very skilled brawler, swordfighter and can use her tail like a drill. She can also use her claws and small horns to do some damage to her opponents.

Equipment Edit

Thanks to a friend, she got a gauntlet which enhances her power

Trivia Edit

  • Her bustsize is 62
  • Her element is destruction
  • she is very good in history & geography
  • she loves japanese and indonesian food