The Fire Fairy is a legendary gold Finder, from the Times of the Soviet Union.

Appearence Edit

The girl has a very doll like appearance, skin white and smooth with somewhat messy shoulderlength red hair. She wears a blue typical sarafan and often is seen with a blue hankerchief that she use for her dance. Her eyes are amber and her teeth shine white.

Due to her condition she doesn't wear shoes due to the fact that they end up feeling too hot when she dances so she takes note to wash her feet regularly. She also has a travel bag with a shoulder strap to carry around her belongings and wears a 24 karat gold neckless with the symbol of the sun around her neck as a good luck charm.

Personality Edit

The Poskakushka is mostly a pretty calm individual but also has shy tendancies. Still, despite this she does love to explore and tries to overcome her shyness by dancing infront of one or two people at a time. Large groups however are too much for her.

The reason for her dancing around gold is that she views it as good luck, like how some belive certain stones are lucky for them. Always feeling her nerves about performing in public disappearing when she dances close to nearby sources.

When she isn't dancing to help build her self confidence, she explores the mines and nearby forests, loving the feeling of running and jumping through nature and the curious looking areas made by man.

She also likes to heep  herself clean and always keeps her belongings and clothing in a wellkept condition, almost like they're brand new.

History Edit

During the Times of the Soviet Union, she was seen dancing by a Human named Fedyunka, who told others about the dancing Location. After this, she was seen by him again, along with a old man named Yefim. During a harsh winter, she led Fedyunka out of a Forest by giving him a old spade.

Abilities Edit

Like the rest of her kin, she is able to perfectly sense Gold, with a difference being she does it with her Feet. The reason for this being a mana-stream disorder named Sparklefoot,which means all of her magical Energy flows mostly into her legs. This also causes the ground that she dances on to heat up, even to the point that it can melt snow. Whether she can actually control this abillity or if it's just a side effect of her disorder has yet to be learned. She also is really skilled at jumping and running, Her agillity and footwork better than most of her kind.


  • She is seemingly afraid of Eagle-Owls.