The Alpha is the Creator of the WildRealm and its supreme Ruler and Protector. He takes the Titles of both the Ultimate God of Wildlife and the Universe's greatest Bio-engineer.
Rei Faunos

Rei Faunos (21st Century)


Alpha's actual appearence has striking resemblance to japanese tokusatsu-heroes, being toned in Green, gold and red. He got lavender/crimson wings with six claws each, and a reptilian tail with spikes and a scorpion-thorn.


Not much is known about his Origin, but what is known is that he was born with the Power of the Universe itself.

His Curiosity towards Life in the WildRealm is widespread, but the World which kept the most Interest is Planet Terra, where he watched over Humanity. To guard these Furless Apes, he created a new Race by mixing his own DNA with the DNA of Humans.

The Gods. The Gods were only one of many Genetic Experiments he did, with Lifeforms of Terra. He used the Essence of his Soul, Element 0: Mytharium, and has let some Creatures break physical Laws, such as Titans and Hexapodal Vertebrates.


The Alpha is a Intelligent but flamboyant individual. He first asks Questions and then punches the Life out of his Enemies. Although being a being above the gods, he restricts himself trying to play at the rules of visiting life-forms.

He has protective paternal Instincts towards the different Sentient Races which have evolved through his influence.


  • His Element is Creation and life.
  • His Favorite Sentient Races are Anthropomorphs.
  • His Favorite World is Planet Terra
  • he got six laboratories on Terra, those being Chichijima, Skull Island, Isla Nublar, Isla Sorna, under Mount Karisimbi and Alcatraz.
  • His Favorite Fauna are Gorillas, Tigers, Elephants and the Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • He despises complete-slavery. In his Opinion, servants shall be treated as companions, not as tools.
  • For the Creation of the WildRealm, he used components of 700 Universes he knows from his previous life.