Ted Kushtar is a Engineer of the Alaska Southeast University.

Appearence Edit

Ted has got lightbrown fur with a white underbelly, gray skin and black webs on his hands and feet. He regular wears a white pair of glasses and a white/lightblue robe with black-markings.

History Edit

In his early days as a Student of the University, he was fascinated by the engineering and forging capabilities of dwarves and cyclops, which were able to use elements as material and unite their inventions with magic. He fought of this as a good help for the enviorment of his home-state, which was in a accelerated post-glacial period.

On the way of inventing a atmosphere-cooler, he not only met a Yuki-Onna named Shino, who would become his assistant later on, but also a Ghost named Howard, who supported his work.

Personality Edit

Ted is a mild-mannered and polite individual, with the primary goal to slow down the glacial warming.

Abilities Edit

He has got great engineering-skills, based on the skills of european masters of mythical forging and engineering, being able to build a atmosphere-cooler out of a fan and a Ice-elemental stone.

Equipment Edit

He does not use any sort of weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • His element is water
  • His favorite world is Equestria
  • His favorite food is fish sticks
  • His favorite color is blue
  • His favorite beverage is blueberry juice
  • He is allergic to corn
  • His favorite animal is the polar bear
  • His favorite show is My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
  • His favorite movies are the Original Star Wars-Trilogy
  • His favorite video game is Spore
  • His favorite ice cream flavour is vanilla
  • His favorite sports is soccer
  • His favorite song is Winter Wrap Up
  • His favorite instrument is the saxophone
  • His dream destination is the Crystal Empire
  • His heavenly virtue is diligence
  • His deadly sin is gluttony
  • His role model is Shaat Ti
  • He is Atheist
  • He normally sleeps from 22 to 4 o'clock (7 hours)