Stryx Burnheart is a member of the Detroit Paranormal Agency, and the Main Protagonist of Mythic Noir.

Appearence Edit

Stryx has got darkgrey feathers at his wings, back and eyebrows, with silvergrey feathers on the frontside of the body. His beak, hands and feet are in a regular grey, with his feet having black pincer-like claws.

Personality Edit

Personality wise, Strix is usually a nice guy. Kind, strong sense of justice, though he often only gets angry if someone trys to hurt him or someone close to him.

He's religious but believes that Yahweh hates his job, has a small addiction to sparkling water, is a bit of a neat freak but is also fairly observant. Often wonders about getting a pet and always likes an alcoholic drink in the morning.

Due to his nocturnal nature he works only in nightshifts but will do dayshift stakeouts if he really has to. Often the sun is too bright for him so he often keeps some shades on him.

His jacket is neetly arranged with many inside pockets. It has all of his equipment inside for convinence and to make sure he doesn't lose anything. If somethings missing or get's pickpocketed, he's quick to realize it. He has a dislike of dirt and strong smells, which is why he is often uncomfortable being close to his colleague Rust Skaver, who is a Wererat.

Strix is also farely observent, keeping his thoughts working inside his minde and often focuses on behaviour analysis. His main skill and focus on his job however is the crime scene and during interviews with suspects. His techniques have practically become muscle memory to him and he's always curious as to what the suspect and victim's behaviour at the scene is and how the enviroment affected the way they acted and planned their crimes.

The owlman also has a strong relationship with his mother and often calls her after finishing a case to relax.

History Edit

In his childhood, he loved to watch Mystery/Drama shows with his mom, while his dad was working, which motivated him to become a detective himself. For a while, he worked at the St. Austell Detective Agency, but eventually moved to Detroit where he became member of the Detroit Paranomal Agency, as the head-detective.

Abilities Edit

As a Owlman, his eyes have the ability to shine in the dark, which is useful for searching.

Equipment Edit

He is in possesion of point cuffs, standard stab and bullet proof armour, evidence bags, a tazer, magnifying glass, moon elemental-charged firearms and a walking cane.

Trivia Edit

  • His element is moonlight
  • His favorite media genres are Mystery and Drama