Sarutobi is a Nue which accidentaly came to San Diego, and got raised up by Joseph Abigail, to eventually become reintroduced into the wild.

Appearence Edit

Sarutobi has got the average appearence of a Nue, having a white-maned head, a black/white torso, yellow legs with blade-like stripes and a green serpentine tail.

Personality Edit

Like others of his kind, he is a curious and mainly solitary individual, but is slightly more aggresive, due to not only having been injured when he came to San Diego, but also feeling homesickness. He seemed a liking towards Joseph, who took care of him before he came back into the wild.

History Edit

Before he came onto a boat to San Diego, he had the ordinary life of a wild Nue, but after arriving there, he was found by Joseph Abigail, and brought to the Humane Service, where he was kept for a while. At the day he should be reintroduced into the wild, he escaped and had to be found by the Green Hunters-Guild. While he was fighting with a Raccoon, he came in conflict with the Manticore named Martin and got injured after a lamp was cut down. This injury was obliged, so it would not hurt that much. After he was brought back to the Humane Service, he shortly after got sent back to Japan to return to his natural life.

Abilities Edit

As a Nue, he is able to walk on thunderclouds, expel large amounts of electricity and can see up to 6km afar during the night. He can run up to 30km/h and can inflict diseases through his bite.

Equipment Edit

His natural weapons are his claws and teeth.

Trivia Edit

  • His element is lightning
  • He hates raccoons