Sandy Yamashiro is a detective of the San Diego Private Investigators and a local druid.

Appearence Edit

Sandy has got lightbrown hair with olivegreen roots, human-white skin, a small piercing at the left ear and a large bust. Due to being a Elf, her aging process has slowed down drasticlly after reaching the Age of 20, turning 9 years into one physical year.

She usually wears old traditional elven-clothing with a green cape, a blue/yellow vest, purple striped pants and armorplates at the arms, made out of World tee wood.

Personality Edit

She is known to be a kind-hearted and self-confident woman, not often showing insecurity towards her actions. She is also known to be a bit mischievous, joking around with her husband Kenji.

History Edit

During her childhood, she was educated in botanology, life-magic and the history of the nine norse worlds, often visiting Terra's original World tree on the top of Galdhøppigen. At the age of 56 (physically 24) she fell in love with a Oni named Kenji in Ikebukuro, with which she later moved to California, where she also gave birth to her son Kai. During her stay in San Diego, she found not one, but three jobs, being detective, tailor and druid, which she all occupied part-time.

Abilities Edit

As a Elf, she is highly intelligent and fast-thinking, being able to read emotions by looking at faces and quickly understanding situations around her. Her physical abilities include very high speed, ultra-precise hearing and very fast reflexes. She is also known to be a excellent crossbow-archer, having a accuracy of 100% in a range of 900 metres.

Equipment Edit

Sandy is normally equipped with a silver-colored crossbow, which she normally uses for either arrow-letters or pest-elimination, but she also used it during the Battle of San Diego by shooting through the brain-stems of a hord of Zombie.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Bust size is 104
  • Her Element is Life
  • Her favorite world is Terra
  • Her favorite food are cinnamon buns
  • Her favorite color is purple, but her ascociation color is emerald green
  • Her favorite beverage is Cocoa
  • She is allergic to fairy-glitter
  • Her favorite animal is the Jaguar
  • Her favorite show is Doctor Who
  • Her favorite movie is Bright
  • Her favorite game is Dungeons & Dragons
  • Her favorite ice cream flavour is vanilla
  • Her favorite sports is archery
  • Her favorite music-genre is rock n'roll
  • Her favorite instrument is the electirc guitar
  • Her dream destination is Planet Disboard
  • Her heavenly virtue is kindness
  • Her deadly sin is lust
  • Her role model is Samus Aran
  • She is Christian
  • She normally sleeps from 0 to 4 o'clock (4 hours)