Rust Skaver is a member of the Detroit Paranormal Agency, and part of the Oregon-Junker Clan.


Unlike other Wererats, Rust's fur isn't a shade of black or brown, but rather is silver, which is a rarity among his kind. His skin is in a pale pink color, with his nose and tail having the strongest coloration. His claws are white, which is nothing out of the ordinary for Wererats. Everything he wears is in a tone of green, a lightgreen scarf, a green shirt, a jungle-green vest, a green belt with pockets, a charteuse-colored pair of trousers and some green leg armor.


On the outside, he can be described as a layed-back individual, but often has his inner worries. As a member of the original settler-clan in Oregon, he always feels responsibilty for his actions, especially when someone gets hurt who is close to him. This sometimes leads to self-reckless activities. He also seems to not care about hygiene, rarely taking a shower or bath, much to the dismay of his colleagues.


As a Wererat, he lived on a junkyard with his family, taking what they need. After he was caught by human police-forces, his clan became worried and stole less. To become more suited to the modern times, Rust decided to find a actual job, which he did in Detroit as a member of the Detroit Paranormal Agency, but not without some learning about cryptobiology, theology and other paranormal things.


As a Wererat, he is a trickery merchant, often fooling his customers, and is also taught in Darkness-elemental magic and some degree of Ninjutsu. He is also a excellent puzzle-solver and digger, which are mostly needed when asked for. Aside from the normal abilities and teachings, he was taught in blade-wielding by his father, often using two blades in combat.


He often wields two blades, often switching in form of blade, when one is broken.


  • His favorite color is green