Prestan Mirone is a former resident of the Redwoods, and the beast-partner of Green Hunters-Guild member Melissa Mirone.

Appearence Edit

His appearence is not much different from other cougars, having brown fur with a white underbelly, black stripes under his eyes and a pink nose. The major differences are a sickle-like scar on right shoulder and a yellow scarf he was given by Melissa.

Personality Edit

Like other cougars, he is mostly reclusive and solitary, only liking the presence of both the Minotaur who adopted him and Martin, the manticore that saved him from a bear.

Unlike cougars, he shows to have a strong interest into space, often watching up to the night sky before sleeping, keeping a small meteorite fragment in his scarf and watching science fiction shows and movies with his owner.

History Edit

During a trip to the californian redwoods, the manticore Martin stumbled upon Prestan who just hunted down his next meal, a deer. Before he could properly feast upon it, he was attacked by a bear, where unlike others of his kind, he protected his prey from him but got injured in the process. This led Martin to help him out fending off the bear.

Prestan was thankful, but uncomfortable with this situation, which is why dragged his prey away. Unfortunaly, the wounds he got slowly became infected, and he was found by the minotaur Melissa, who took him under her wing. He later watched Melissa fighting the Centaurid Lea, to become a member of the Green Hunters-Guild and helped with the defending the city during the battle of San Diego.

Abilities Edit

As a cougar, he is a excellent in stealth, which is how he takes down his prey, and can run up to 80km/h. He is also a good survivalist, being able to go through tundras, dry deserts and forests, and having good adaptability.

Equipment Edit

His natural equipment consist of his fanged teeth, and his claws, which both are made for killing or severly injuring the opponent.

Trivia Edit

  • his element is thunder