Phobos is Satellite #1 of Planet Mars.

Geography Edit

Life Edit

Wildlife Edit

The Wildlife of Phobos matches the One of African Tectonic Plate during 1877, and the North American Tectonic-Plate during the late Pleistocene.

Sentient Races Edit

  • Tarid (Homo sapiens phobos)
  • Phobosian (Desmananthropus phobos)
  • Wererat
  • Moleman (Talpidanthropus canalis) (Introduced)

Culture Edit

Data Edit

  • Creation Year: 4.500.000.000.B.CE.
  • Year Length: 7 Hours 39.2 Minutes
  • Gifted with Life: 17/08/1877.A.D.
  • Number of Nations: 17
  • Dominant Rulership: Republic
  • Diameter: 22km
  • Gravity: 0.000 5814 G
  • Independence: 14/09/1925.A.D.
  • Dominant Race: Phobosian (Desmananthropus phobos)
  • Populationlimit: 1,9 Million
  • National Animal: Black Rat (Rattus rattus)
  • Cultural Inspiration: Classical Greece
  • Name Origin: Phobos (Greek God of Fear)