Moon Chaldene is the 21st Satellite of Planet Jupiter.

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Life Edit

Wildlife Edit

The Wildlife of Chaldene matches up with the One of the African-Tectonic Plate.

Sentient Races Edit

  1. Nymph (Homo aurisubla polis) (Introduced)

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Data Edit

  • Creation Year: Unknown
  • Year Length: 699.327 Days (16783.848 Hours)
  • Gifted with Life: 2000.A.D.
  • One Nation World
  • Rulership: Monarchy
  • Diameter: 3800 Meters
  • Gravity: 0.000167G
  • Independence: October/2002.A.D.
  • Dominant Race: Nymph (Homo aurisubla polis)
  • Populationlimit: 2,170
  • National Animal: Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)
  • Cultural Inspiration: South Africa
  • Name Origin: Chaldene (Mother of Solynos)