Midori-Ryoshi: Human Machine is a Action/Thriller/Comedy series spin-off from the main series, Midori-Ryoshi.

Summary Edit

Kim Dash,the sister of Garren Dash,one day accidently gets involved in the underworld of San Fransisco.There, she meets a mysterious man who is cold and doesn't talk much,along with him Kim soon will enter a adventure that she didn't expect in her life. After breaking free, they contact the Green Hunters for help.

Characters Edit

Team Freedom ZoneEdit

Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) Kim Dash
Cyborg (Homo sapiens cybernetix) Gilliard Wittman
Zettonian (Petromyzanthropus zetton) Randalf Ralg
Harpy (Vulturanthropus homeros) Lilline August

Green HuntersEdit

Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) Garren Dash
Sobek (Crocodylanthropus suchos) Manuel Peter
Centaur (Kentauros equos) Lea Hylonoma
Oni (Daemon ogre) Kenji Yamashiro
Common Ghost (Animus sapiens) Howard Smith
Manticore (Panthera horribilis) Martin Gerty
Valkyrie (Homo aleatus walhallai) Aleena Warbell
Cursed Sword (Ensis sentiens) Rex Caroliensis
Lizardman (Lacertanthropus davisi) Jacob Jackson
Angel (Homo aleatus sapiens) Aria Eresi
Dryad (Quercusanthropus dryadi) Ellie Ciel
Human/Valkyrie Hybrid Baylee Warbell
Android (Machinanthropus oxfordensis) Derek Oxford
Minotaur (Bovinianthropus minos) Melissa Mirone

Supporting CharactersEdit

Nano Death KlanEdit


  1. The Incident (12/06/2019 AD)
  2. The Meeting (13/06/2019 AD)
  3. Plan to Free (13/06/2019 AD)
  4. Code Name: Machina (16/06/2019 AD)
  5. Travel Home (17/06/2019 AD)
  6. Meet the Green Hunters (18/06/2019 AD)
  7. The Nano Death Klan (19/06/2019 AD)
  8. Respo Quermur (19/06/2019 AD)
  9. San Francisco in Flames (20/06/2019 AD)
  10. The One Who Should I Protect (20/06/2019 AD)
  11. TBA
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