Midori-Ryoshi is a Science-Fantasy/Adventure/Comedy Series, which takes place in the Human-Anthropocene.

Summary Edit

In the City of San Diego, a young enthusiastic Human and his Friends start to build a Guild, with the Goal of Traveling Terra and protecting San Diego from many threats, ranging small criminals to tyrants. At first, they have regular small adventures, but it slowly comes clear that something big is coming to their homecity. After this, there are individual stories of new members joining them. For Season 2, several years after the Battle of San Diego, a Makaijin-girl named Yukari Nakajima joins the Green Hunters-Guild to become stronger and confront her nemesis and a genocidal fanatic.

Characters Edit

The Green Hunters Edit

Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) Garren Dash
Sobek (Crocodylanthropus suchos) Manuel Peter
Centaur (Kentauros equos) Lea Hylonoma
Oni (Orcus daemon) Kenji Yamashiro
Common Ghost (Animus sapiens) Howard Smith
Manticore (Panthera horribilis) Martin Gerty
Valkyrie (Homo aleatus walhallai) Aleena Warbell
Cursed Sword (Ensis sentiens) Rex Caroliensis
Lizardman (Lacertanthropus davisi) Jacob Jackson
Angel (Homo aleatus sapiens) Aria Eresi
Dryad (Quercusanthropus dryadi) Ellie Ciel
Human/Valkyrie Hybrid Baylee Warbell
Android (Machinanthropus oxfordensis) Derek Oxford
Minotaur (Bovinianthropus minos) Melissa Mirone
Oni/Elf Hybrid Kai Yamashiro
Makaijin (50%Oni/25%Human/25%Kitsune) Yukari Nakajima
Dhampire (50%Vampire/50%Human) Jeffrey Helson
Dwarf (Homo dwarvus) Sven Urus
Martian (Homo martiensis) Joo'nas Ni'geel
Tetra-Arms (Homo sapiens hexapodolacertus) Terry Kalini
Zeta-Reticulan (Reticulipithecus roswelli) Manfred Corkes
Gillman (Rita essexi) Tim Lagooner
Ghoul (Homo vatheki) Robert Johnston

Supporting Characters Edit

Juneau Atka (10,30,53-56)Edit

Kushtaka (Lutranthropus tlingliti) Ted Kushtar
Yuki-Onna (Animus nigata) Shino Yuki
Jötunn (Gigas glacies) Hoffnung the Jötunn
Adlet (Homo adleti) Graf Graud
Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) Gustavus McGillis
Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) Thunder McGillis
Owlman (Strixanthropus shielsi) Joan Hanburg
Halfdragon (Dracoanthropus zmey) Jillel Diablo

Cairo Eyes (17, 30, 32, 53-56)Edit

Horus (Falcoanthropus horus) Harry Lanner
Lionman (Pantheranthropus leo) Liones Gerard
Fennec fox (Vulpes zerda) Helgar Gerard
Sobek (Crocodylanthropus suchos) Ernie Peter
Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) Anhira Azury

Apollo Ewigkeit (40)Edit

Lunarian (Homo sapiens lunaria) Alex Saudro
Centaur (Kentauros equos) Klaus Gagarin
Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) Jonathan Gagarin

Raijin Jump (41)Edit

Iron Giant (Golem mecha) Judau Ran
Stone Monkey (Simianthropus wukong) Rorona Uminotabi
Oni (Daemon ogre) Ryo Namikaze
Shinigami (Homo re-animus shinigami) Ken Tamashii
Halfdragon (Dracoanthropus zmey) Shin Ryugo
Tiger (Panthera tigris) Gendo Ryugo
Cyborg (Homo sapiens cybernetix) Eddy Alris
Elf (Homo aurisubla elves) Kairi Juichi
Magician (Homo sapiens magi) Mana Himojo
Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) Shinta Keiji

Great Amazonian Order (G.A.O.-Guild) (44)Edit

Werepanther (Pantheranthropus pardus) Kalanyx Gregoria
Jaguar (Panthera onca) Jyagra Gregoria
Yautja (Dicynodontanthropus hishguten) Cheetah Bloodfall
Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) Cavarre Merkantos
Werejaguar (Pantheranthropus onca) Tezoro Rodri
Harpy (Vulturanthropus homeros) Jessica Omorfia
Juggernaut (Elephanthropus africanus) Angra Barista
Naga (Kentauros naja) Rama Kinnara
Antman (Formicanthropus myrmex) Myr Donsita
Lizardman (Lacertanthropus davisi) Gill Zamtron
Snakeman (Ophidanthropus seminole) Lilliana Willia
Sobek (Crocodylanthropus suchos) Ahmed Suleiman

The Children of the Black Forest (45)Edit

Homunculus (Homo sapiens artificialis) Ivan Onesworth (45, 53-56)
Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) Eric Onesworth
Orc (Goblinoides orcus) Rocko Wittenburg
Minotaur (Bovinianthropus minos) Richard Ehrenburg
Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) Reinard Wittman
Homunculus (Homo sapiens artificialis) Elisa Leonard

Kyoto Senshi (63,86 -102)Edit

Lizardman (Lacertanthropus davisi) Lacertus Sigma (63- 67)
Half-Kitsune (50%Human + 50%Kitsune) Sakura Nakajima (63- 67, 88- 106)
Oni (Daemon ogre) Tengen Nakajima (81- 106)
Komainu (Canis monoceros) Raika Nakajima (81- 106)

Antagonists Edit

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Guild of San DiegoEdit

  1. The young Zoologist of San Diego (18- 19/02/2018.A.D.)
  2. Galloping Archers and Crocodilian Lancers (20- 21/02/2018.A.D.)
  3. North America's only Ronin (24/02/2018.A.D.)
  4. Fashion-Spirits (28/02/2018.A.D.)
  5. Feathered Ears and Talking Blades (02/03/2018.A.D.)
  6. Undead-Gamblers (09/03/2018.A.D.)
  7. Zoo-Trip (15- 16/03/2018.A.D.)
  8. Meeting the Leader (21/03/2018.A.D.)
  9. Road-Rowdies! (01/04/2018.A.D.)
  10. The Frozen North (06/04/2018.A.D.)
  11. Feasting Grounds (19- 20/04/2018.A.D.)
  12. Danger from the Underground (23/04/2018.A.D.)
  13. When the Human snaps! (30/04/2018.A.D.)
  14. Gladiators VS Samurai! (03/05/2018.A.D.)
  15. Childhood Remembrances (06/05/2018.A.D.)
  16. Ogres do not Dance! (11/05/2018.A.D.)
  17. Saharan Investigation (18- 20/05/2018.A.D.)
  18. Educational Upgrade (01/06/2018.A.D.)
  19. Aleena's Maternal Wish (09 - 10/06/2018.A.D.)
  20. The Hooved Love-Sniper (14/06/2018.A.D.)
  21. Fun-Day among Hunters (27/06/2018.A.D.)
  22. Dreamwalkers (01/07/2018.A.D.)
  23. Beach Times (04/07/2018.A.D.)
  24. Never let a Sword Drive (18/07/2018.A.D.)
  25. From Male to Male (03/08/2018.A.D.)
  26. Berserking Dash, Part 1 (14/08/2018.A.D.)
  27. Berserking Dash, Part 2 (14/08/2018.A.D.)
  28. Garren's Capture (15/08/2018.A.D.)
  29. Comradry over Control (15/08/2018.A.D.)
  30. Let's make a Movie! (22/08/2018.A.D. - 10/09/2018.A.D.)
  31. A Look into Natural History (13/09/2018.A.D.)
  32. Detective Howard (20/09/2018.A.D.)
  33. A Day with the Hunter's Pets (27/09/2018.A.D.)
  34. The Claws of Fire (30/09/2018.A.D.)
  35. How to save a Shark (03/10/2018.A.D.)
  36. Sweets of Fortune (12/10/2018.A.D.)
  37. Green Interview (19/10/2018.A.D.)
  38. Wrath of Monsters, Part 1 (31/10/2018.A.D.)
  39. Wrath of Monsters, Part 2 (31/10/2018.A.D.)
  40. Vacation on Luna (05- 18/11/2018.A.D.)
  41. Enthusiasm for Eastern Art! (03/12/2018.A.D.)
  42. Christmas Celebration with the Hunter-Families (25/12/2018.A.D.)
  43. Lightning Sword of the New Year (31/12/2018 - 01/01/2019.A.D.)
  44. Defense of the Amazon (13/01/2019.A.D.)
  45. The Homunculi of the Black Forest (06/02/2019.A.D.)
  46. The Wish is Granted! (09/03/2019.A.D.)
  47. The Great Dragon Show (18/03/2019.A.D.)
  48. Robots of the University (23/03/2019.A.D.)
  49. Toys, Toys and More Toys (05/04/2019.A.D.)
  50. From Female to Female (12/04/2019.A.D.)
  51. The Wounds of a Wildman (25/04/2019.A.D.)
  52. The Dungeon before the Storm (04/05/2019.A.D.)
  53. Attack on San Diego (05/05/2019.A.D.)
  54. For San Diego! (05/05/2019.A.D. - 06/05/2019.A.D.)
  55. San Diego is Saved! (06/05/2019.A.D.)
  56. Festival of Memories (06/06/2019.A.D.)

Season 1.5 Tales between the StoriesEdit

  1. Next Generation started! (01/09/2026.A.D.) Episode 57
  2. Elder Warriors (16/10/2030.A.D.) Episode 58
  3. The renegade Dhampire (02/03/2035.A.D.) Episode 59
  4. May the spear purify you (23/05/2041.A.D.) Episode 60
  5. One from the Lagoon, One from Space (05/06/2042.A.D.) Episode 61
  6. Six arms, four blades, one girl (15/06/2043.A.D.) Episode 62

Season 2 Chapter of YukariEdit

  1. New Start in Kyoto (22/06/2045.A.D.) Episode 63
  2. Apostle Lacertus (22/06/2045.A.D. - 23/06/2045.A.D.) Episode 64
  3. The Plains of Avalon (23/06/2045.A.D.) Episode 65
  4. Martian Evolution (24/06/2045.A.D.) Episode 66
  5. Newcomer Yukari (24/06/2045.A.D. - 25/06/2045.A.D.) Episode 67
  6. Thief of prehistory (25/06/2045.A.D.) Episode 68
  7. Gambling Sorcery (26/06/2045.A.D.) Episode 69
  8. Fighting your inner Demons (03/07/2045.A.D.) Episode 70
  9. The Beast-Tamer of Baltan (17/07/2045.A.D.) Episode 71
  10. An Ghoul and Gift (24/07/2045.A.D.) Episode 72
  11. An Arrival in Devil Territorial (25/07/2045.A.D. - 05/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 73
  12. First contact with Sutoku's Legion (05/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 74
  13. A Champion of Hell (06/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 75
  14. The Antarctic Hell Castle (06/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 76
  15. The Legion Pride (07/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 77
  16. The difference of two kind (07/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 78
  17. The Fall of Sutoku's Legion (07/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 79
  18. Shine your finger! Makaijin!!! (07/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 80
  19. Mind of Man (08/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 81
  20. The Last Opera (08/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 82
  21. Harmony (08/08/2045.A.D.) Episode 83
  22. The Hunter of Ragnarok (08/09/2045.A.D.) Episode 84
  23. My new precious Life (11/09/2045.A.D.) Episode 85
  24. The new Threat (16/04/2046.A.D.) Episode 86
  25. The Extinction-Bringer (18/04/2046.A.D.) Episode 87
  26. It Begins! The Second Battle of San Diego!! (18/04/2046.A.D.) Episode 88
  27. The Danger Zone (19/04/2046.A.D.) Episode 89
  28. Return of an old enemy (23/04/2046.A.D.) Episode 90
  29. The Monster (30/04/2046.A.D.) Episode 91
  30. The Crisis (30/04/2046.A.D.) Episode 92
  31. A Plan (02/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 93
  32. The Ambush (04/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 94
  33. Minute of Life (05/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 95
  34. Life and Death (06/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 96
  35. My Ideology (06/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 97
  36. The big suprise (09/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 98
  37. Never surrender (11/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 99
  38. The three on one (14/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 100
  39. Hope (16/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 101
  40. The Judgement of Deus Drago (16/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 102
  41. My four new precious angels (20/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 103
  42. Vacation to Tokyo (27/05/2046.A.D.) Episode 104
  43. Our Newcomer (08/06/2046.A.D.) Episode 105
  44. Greatest Day ever (13/06/2046.A.D.) Episode 106


  • The first Season is very loosely based on the School-Life of CyberRaptorX5074.
  • The hypothetical opening song is Oath Sign from LiSA