Martin Gerty is the Pet of Garren Dash, and Mascot of the Adventurer/Explorer Guild, the Green Hunters.


Martin has got orange-fur with a white underbelly with a black mane with silver tips. His skin is gray, as seen at the wings with purple membranes. The scorpionic tail of Martin is colored red. A very noticeable difference from other Manticores is his well-built chest, due to self-training.


His personality is calm, optimistic but still feeling cold. He is also known to put needs of others over his own, and often acts like a mentor to the people close to him. In contrast to his cold-demeanor, he often jokes around, even in difficult situations.


As a orphan, he was raised in a orphanage, growing up to become a strong Manticore. After reaching the Age of 5, he left the orphanage and has gone to North America, where he eventually was taken under the wing of the Dashs, a Human family, where he became the pet of the juvenile Garren. After the great Battle of San Diego, he additionally took the Job as a guard in the San Diego Zoo, together with other Animals he befriended.


Aside from his natural abilities, like flying, stings with paralyzing venom and the hunting-style of a lion, he has additionially learned some darkness-elemental skills like the shadowscar-technique, which allows him to injure his enemies by attacking their shadows.


He is naturally equipped with lion-fangs, small sickle-like claws and a poisonous tail, like a standard Manticore.


  • His element is darkness.
  • One of his hobbies is reading news papers.
  • His favorite food is turkey meat.
  • His favorite color is black, which is also his designation color.
  • He is lactose intolerant.
  • His favorite Animal is the common vampire bat.
  • His favorite shows are Gravity Falls and Akame Ga Kill!
  • His favorite movie is Van Hellsing.
  • His favorite video game is God of War Ascension.
  • His favorite sports is hunting.
  • His favorite song is Wake me Up!
  • His dream destination is Rio de Janeiro
  • His heavenly virtue is temperance
  • His deadly sin is wrath
  • His role model is Lance of Black
  • He is a Atheist.
  • He normally sleeps from 20:00 to 4:50 o'clock (8 Hours & 50 minutes)