MP12796 Kamen Rider is one of the many minor-Worlds in the Asteroid-Belt Federation.

Geography Edit

The landscape of MP12796 resembles the Emblem of the original Kamen Rider Series. It's main Land is protected by a Mountain-Barrier, from the Ocean. The main land itself is surronded by freshwater, and has three lakes in the middle. It has two tips of tundras, a large forests and three grasslands and five seperate Deserts.

Life Edit

Wildlife Edit

The Wildlife of MP12796 has resemblance to the name giving Series.

Sentient Races Edit

  1. Human
  2. Cyborg
  3. Skeleton
  4. Werewolf
  5. Vampire (Homo aurisubla draculae) (Introduced)
  6. Grim Reaper (Vivitosseus falcastrum) (Introduced)
  7. Mummy (Homo re-animus mumia) (Introduced)

Culture Edit

Data Edit

  • Creation Year: Unknown
  • Year Length: 1346 Days (32304 Hours)
  • Gifted with Life: 03/04/1971.A.D.
  • One-World Nation
  • Rulership: Democracy
  • Diameter: 400 Kilometers
  • Gravity: 0.7G
  • Independence: 16/11/1995.A.D.
  • Dominant Race: Cyborg (Homo sapiens cybernetix)
  • Populationlimit: 100
  • National Animal: Meadow Grasshopper (Chorthippus parallelus)
  • Cultural Inspiration: TOS Kamen Rider
  • Name Origin: Kamen Rider (a Type of japanese Superhero)