Lopus Lycane is a member of the Detroit Paranormal Detective Agency.


Lopus has got grey fur, with darkbrown eyebrows and a darkgrey tailtip. He usually wears a white pair of trousers and a red suit with darkbrown elbow-armor and a blue tie.


He is known to be a extremely duty-dedicated, tough and stubborn individual, mostly dedicating his life towards his job. Despite this, he can often open up to his colleagues and is shown to have a kind heart.


He was born as the middle child of a writer-family of Werewolves, also having some skills of this from his father. He was part of the 5 years earlier some others of his team, having been there since 1994 AD.


As a Werewolf, he has high stamina, strength and speed, with additional skills with claws and teeth. He is also weak to silver, and has a weaker soul then humans. And as a member of a writer-family, he is also known to be good in writing english, german and russian.


He has no need of using a ordinary weapon, typically using his claws and fangs for self-defense.


  • His element is moonlight