Lisa Smith is the shopkeeper of the San Diego Alchemy-Shop.

Appearence Edit

Lisa is a anatomically average built female ghost, with cyan-glowing ectoplasmatic hair. She usually wears a blue shirt and a purple spiky skirt.

Personality Edit

She is a known to be a strong-willed and empathic woman, sharing the same enthusiasm for alchemy like her brother Howard.

History Edit

During her childhood in Trowbridge, she was pretty popular in school and was pretty self-confident, although being worried about her younger brother's own one. After finding the golem Kayne, her brother found interest in Geology and Alchemy, which rubbed off to her, but not in the same extent. After moving to San Diego, cause of a job of her Mother, she helped her brother with a new Shop for Alchemists, which she mostly run after Howard joining a Guild.

Abilities Edit

As a ghost, she has the Ability to walk through walls and turning invisible, which is useful for investigation purposes and has high-sensitivity towards saltwater, burning onto her skin, and able to kill him, which is why she is scared of Oceans.

Equipment Edit

Although not using conventional weapons, she often uses a clamping plier for hitting on the heads of either strangers or shop breakers.

Trivia Edit

  • Her figure was based on Winry Rockbell
  • Her bust size is 99
  • Her elements are Lightning and Earth
  • Her favorite world is Callisto
  • Her favorite food is rice
  • Her favorite color are blue and pink
  • Her favorite beverage is mango juice
  • She is allergic to mammal-meat
  • Her favorite animal is the Budgerigar
  • Her favorite show is Garo: Chapter of the Black Wolf
  • Her favorite movie is Predators
  • Her favorite video game is Mario Party
  • Her favorite ice cream flavour is mango
  • Her favorite sports is ice-skating
  • Her favorite song is Divine Flame
  • Her favorite instrument is the xylophon
  • Her dream destination is Canada
  • Her heavenly virtue is diligence
  • Her deadly sin is lust
  • Her role model is Queen Elizabeth
  • She is christian
  • She does not sleep