Levi Casco is the shopkeeper of the San Diego Jewelry.

Appearence Edit

His appearence is that of a middle-aged man, with tan-skin, lightbrown hair and a broad pair of shoulders. He usually wears a blue jacket with a white pattern, a blue shirt with a puprle crystal-necklace. He also wears a pair of darkgrey jeans, with a brown belt and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Usually, he is a calm and nice individual, but often has a harsh tone, and gets often stressed or paniced when something doesn't go as planed.

History Edit

Not much about his history is known, only that he had great interest in crystals and minerals in the past, and became the shopkeeper of his homecity's Jewelry. When a Zombie attacked him and robbed his shop, he called a fellow shopkeeper named Howard, who came along with a Guild to take the Zombie down.

Abilities Edit

He has very good eyes, which is very useful to see differences between fake and real jewelry. Aside from that, he is just a ordinary human.

Trivia Edit

  • His element is earth