Kim Dash is a Officer of the San Diego Police Department.

Appearence Edit

Kim has got blond/brown hair, wearing a black short shirt, connected to a purple skirt with a spiky belt, through strings. Under her skirt, she wears a white pair of trousers and black shoes.

Personality Edit

She can be often described as somewhat rebellous, not always following the rules. When she is following the rules, she can be often hypocritical, saying to follow a certain rule and not doing it the day after. Despite this, she can be described as pretty generous, often sharing food with the ones close to her. She also describes herself as not so intelligent, having a average of C- in her School.

History Edit

Born as the last child of Jenny Dash, before Edward's department, she was the one who loved her father the most, which is why she holds the very little memories she got of him to her adulthood.

After hearing about his feats as a policeman when she was 12, she decided to become one herself. She eventually became member of the San Diego Police Department at the Age of 21, being a officer for many years.

At the Age of 42, she was the one to help mobilizing the police forces during the 2nd Battle of San Diego, helping out the Green Hunters against a criminal Iron-Giant.

Abilities Edit

Since the Age of 12, she was training in kickboxing, making her a skilled hand to hand fighter, even beating up her older brother Garren sometimes.

Equipment Edit

Ever since she became a policewoman, she often wields a hand-pistol in the case of a confrontation with gunfire.

Trivia Edit

  • Her bust size is 86
  • Her element is Lightning
  • Her favorite world is Terra
  • Her favorite food is hot dog
  • Her favorite color is white
  • Her favorite beverage is orange juice
  • She is allergic to pepperoni, which was found out when she was 12 years old
  • Her favorite animal is the leopard
  • Her favorite show is the Big Bang Theory
  • Her favorite movie is every Barbie Movie
  • Her favorite video game is Animal Crossing
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate
  • Her favorite sports is trampoline jumping
  • Her favorite song is Firework
  • Her favorite instrument is the saxophone
  • Her dream destination is Washington D.C
  • Her heavenly virtue is chastity
  • Her deadly sin is Wrath
  • She is christian
  • She normally sleeps from 23 to 9 o'clock (10 hours)