Kibo Peter is the pet of the Green Hunters-Guild member, Manuel Peter.

Appearence Edit

His appearence is very similar to a regular male of his kind, having long horns, orange fur and black stripes at the side. The major differences are a symbol of a sobek shrine at the flank and a green scarf with a white thunder-like stripe on it.

Personality Edit

Like others of his kind, he is a group animal, very often searching for company while he grazes or runs around, with prefered company being either being the Sobek Manuel or some stuffed animals. Unlike other thomson's gazelles, he has a strange like towards superhero-fiction, although not understanding much of it.

History Edit

As a youngling, he lost his mother to a cheetah and was found by a Sobek named Davis, and taken care of. Eventually, he was given to Davis's son Manuel, as a companion, who followed him to North America. After Manuel became part of the Green Hunters-Guild, he befriended the pets of the other Guild-members, but having fear of the leopard Hyounami and the wolf Lyro, due to them being predatory creatures. Despite his fear of such, he helped fighting against the Drakaina-Huntress, Floras. During the Battle of San Diego, he helped defending the city from soulless husks.

Abilities Edit

As a thomson's gazelle, he can run 80 to 96km/h, run in a zigzag-pattern and can jump small heights. He can also use his horns as ramming, which is not that common for his kind except for display or rivalry.

Equipment Edit

He does not really have any weapons or tools to use, but only has his horns as something comparable.

Trivia Edit

  • His elements are wind and lightning
  • His favorite food is maize, grass and daisy flowers
  • His favorite beverage is water
  • His favorite game is tag
  • His favorite color is green
  • He likes bird-music
  • His favorite instrument is the flute
  • His favorite world is Terra
  • His dream destination is the north american prarie
  • His favorite series is the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • He is allergic to lions
  • His heavenly virtue is restraint
  • His deadly sin is pride