Kayne Smith is the pet of the Alchemist and Green Hunters-Guild member Howard Smith.

Appearence Edit

Kayne's appearence is not much different from other Rock golems, aside from the accessories, and the rock formations on the arms, which look similar to tonfas.

The shoulders and the sides of the chest have been marked with purple color, which came from old times. He has a purple-colored core, protecting his heart, which is additionally decorated with golden sickle-like plates. He wears a red/purple head-band, which normally has got a flower stuck to it.

Personality Edit

As a rock golem, he is mostly calm and company-loving, with a strong connection towards nature. He is pacifistic in nature, who dislikes harming others, always being scared of himself when he is enraged and harmed someone. When he has a conflict, he tries to solve it peacefully, like putting someone smaller then him onto a other place.

History Edit

After spending 147 years with his family, he got lost in a forest, having hit his head against a harder rock then his skull, getting partial amnesia from it, not knowing that he even had a group, wandering through great britain over several centuries.

He was eventually found by Howard and taken into a new family, which reminded him of his own one. When his new family came to San Diego, he became friends with the pets of the Members of the Green Hunters-Guild. He also helped defend the escaping people during the Battle of San Diego.

Abilities Edit

As a rock golem, he has natural skills in geomancy, being able to summon large rocks or reforming it, and has natural strength, being able to lift more then 1600kg without problems. He also seems to have some small knowledge of agriculture, often planting flowers or some vegtebales in the garden.

Equipment Edit

As a pacifist, he does not use weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • His element is life
  • His favorite food is salad
  • His favorite ice cream flavour is strawberry
  • He dislikes eating insects
  • His favorite beverage is mineralized water
  • His favorite game is World of Zoo
  • His favorite sports is hiking
  • His favorite color is purple
  • His favorite animal is the Triceratops
  • His favorite song is Land Down Under
  • His favorite instrument is the guitar
  • His favorite number is 147
  • His favorite world is Mars
  • His dream destination is Isla Nublar, despite the Island being destroyed in 2016 AD
  • His favorite series is Wild Kratts
  • His favorite movie is Jurassic Park
  • His favorite season is spring
  • He is allergic to meat
  • His heavenly virtue is benevolence
  • His deadly sin is sloth
  • His role models are Martin and Chris Kratt
  • He is atheist
  • He does not sleep