Julia Minnelton is a waitress of a Wendy's in San Diego.

Appearence Edit

Julia has got reddish skin, and the typical curvaceous appearence of others of her kind, having black hair, darkbrown horns, a spiky scaled tail and grey wings with red membranes. She typically wears a blue-striped white shirt, blue jeans with a black belt and darkgrey shoes.

Personality Edit

She is a easily frigthened, but adaptive person, habituating to newer individuals or situations in life, except for inevitable danger. She is also pretty friendly, which helped her during her job-time but also led to many dangers.

History Edit

She grew up in Downtown of San Diego, dropped out of college and began working at a Wendy's, where she also befriended the Sobek, Manuel. One day, she was attacked by a Troll named Reggie who tricked her into following him, and wanted to rip out her wings, but she was then saved by a 16-year old Human named Garren, which she was very thankful to.

Abilities Edit

As a Cambion, she can unleash special pheromones to manipulate beings of the opposite gender, but in a weaker form then others, can run and fly up to 90km/h and can see 18km afar.

Equipment Edit

She may got knife-like claws, but she has no combat experience.

Trivia Edit

  • Her bustsize is 85