Jiji Hora is a member of the Detroit Paranormal Agency, and the Duotagonist of Mythic Noir.

Appearence Edit

Jiji has got tan-skin, long ears, red lipgloss and a lightblue, wild feather-hair. Her feathers range from blue to purple, and her hands and feet are colored yellow, with the claws being black.

She typically wears a charteuse scarf, a lightbrown-shirt with open cleavage and belly button and a darkbrown pair of pants with a brown/yellow belt.

Personality Edit

She is a bright, optimistic individual with a love for sweets and coffein. In contrast to Harpy behaivour, she does not like to steal.

History Edit

In her childhood, she was known to be a thief like others of her kind, but because her parents did not knew about the law-systems of humans in the United States, she got into lots of trouble, which is why she went to a human psychologist who redeemed her from being a thief. Eventually, she joined the Detroit Paranormal Agency with the intention of keeping some bits of order between the paranormal races.

Abilities Edit

As a Harpy, she can fly up to 185km/h, use her claws like sickles and got a very strechable stomach for swallowing food. In harpy-tradition, she was also taught in Wind-magic, with her favorite spell being Endless Whirlwind, which she learned from her mother from England.

Equipment Edit

She usually uses two 40-caliber Glock 22 as weaponry.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Bustsize is 73
  • Her element is wind
  • Her favorite drink is coffee (and has a addiction to it)