Izzy Hermostar is a member of the Detroit Paranormal Agency, and a fan of Sherlock Holmes.


Izzy has got a red sicklebeak, golden-yellow feathers and gray scaly legs. He has black markings under his eyes, which help him see during glaring sunlight. He usually wears a green helmet-like cap, a lightbrown pullover with purple ascents, like a diamond pattern. Under it he wears a white T-Shirt. He also wears a short pair of jeans.


He is a humorous guy who often cause some trouble during investigations but has briliant mind, dedicated to follow his idol. Similar to the others of his kind, he does not like to fight and rather goes for solving problems diplomaticly.


In his childhood in Khmun, his mother collected many detective-books, among them the books of Sherlock Holmes, which he read with her together.

She gained her possesions after she passed away when he was 19, including the collection of books, which he took with him to the United States.

Having wanted to become like his role model, he was schooled in detective-work, and later on joined the Detroit Paranormal Agency to test his skills over and over.


As a Thoth, he has a magnificient memory, can write every written word just through remembering it and great natural potential for sun-light magic.


He does not use any sort of weapons, but has a nightvision-visor built into his cap.


  • His role model is Sherlock Holmes