Howard Smith is a member of the Adventurer/Explorer-Guild, the Green Hunters.

Appearence Edit

Howard's Body is no different to other common Ghosts, having white ectoplasmatic skin and blue glowing eye-hole. He additionally wears a cyan-scarf, a blue vest, a navy miner-hat, two blue gauntlets with integrated Drills for digging purposes, purple trousers and pink shoes.

Personality Edit

He is a sweet-hearted and flamboyant Ghost, with a great interest in Geography, Minerals and Alchemy. Despite this, he has a great Fear of saltwater due to his body being out of Ectoplasma.

History Edit

During his childhood in Townbridge, he was often bullied by other Kids, having no real self-confidence at the Time.It stayed like this until the Age of 8, where he got his pet Rock Golem, Kayne, who also sparked his fascination for the geological and alchemical aspects of the World. This helped him with his confidence, silencing the bullies without any physical confrontation, some tricks and Kayne.When he was 15 years old, he moved to San Diego together with his Family, due to his Mother finding a new job. There, he made his own Shop together with his sister Lisa, for anything useful for beginning alchemists. After joining the Green-Hunters Guild, his sister took over the shop in his place, while having minor adventures with his new comrades.

Abilities Edit

As a ghost, he has the Ability to walk through walls and turning invisible, which is useful for investigation purposes and has high-sensitivity towards saltwater, burning onto his skin, and able to kill him, which is why he is scared of Oceans.

Equipment Edit

In his Gauntlets, Howard got to drills he can use for either self-defense or digging purposes. Over than this, he doesn't use any weaponry.

Trivia Edit

  • His Element is Earth.
  • His favorite World is Hydaelyn.
  • His favorite Color is white, which is also his Team-Color.
  • His favorite Food is toast with eggs.
  • His favorite beverage is orange juice.
  • His favorite animal is the peregrine falcon.
  • His favorite series is Ghost Whisperer.
  • His favorite movie if Frozen.
  • His favorite ice cream flavour is lemon.
  • His favorite game is memory.
  • His favorite sport is rollerscating.
  • His favorite music-genre is classic, not having a special favorite track.
  • His favorite instrument is the tamborine.
  • His dream destination is Nepal.
  • His heavenly virtue is diligence.
  • His deadly sin is greed.
  • His role model is Karna.
  • He prays to Yahweh.
  • He does not sleep.