Hayena Erdogdu is a Author and famous Air-Wizard from his kind, of Madagascar.


He has got lightbrown hair, and a typical Werehyena physique, having orangegold fur with black spots and darkgrey limbs. He usually wears a green robe.


In contrast to others of his kind, he is very kind and nature-loving.


At the age of 28, he went to Tibet to learn air magic, which took him 12 years, having graduated in it at the age of 40.


As a werehyena, his eyes can utilize hypnosis affective towards mammals, has a speed of 60km/h and can break bones with his jaw without effort. In addition to his natural abilities, his magical circuits are adapted to air-elemental magic, whcih makes him capable of wielding air-magic.


He is known to often carry a backpack, which is filled with small spears, paper, pencils and other tools. He also carries food in it, like fruits, eggs and meat.


  • His element is wind
  • His designation color is dark green