Harry Lanner is a orphaned member of the Cairo Guild, and the disciple of Howard Smith.


His appearence mostly resembles a peregrine falcon, with his head having black feathers and black spots, and gray beak with yellow nose. His tail and wing-feathers are green with orange tips and two black stripes. He typically wears a yellow/blue robe, with white pants and a shoulder armor over his left arm.


He is known as a curious, honest and honest individual, but still being mischievous at times, being known among his friends to often pull some harmless pranks.


Before being taken under the Wing of the Cairo-Guild, he and his father lived in Asyut, but he eventually died, giving Harry a sunlight elemental stone as a last rememberance. After this, he lived as a young thief, but did not ate enough and rarely slept.

In such condition, he was found by the Cairo-Guild and picked up as a new member. In 2018, he met a Alchemist Ghost named Howard, who helped him during a misunderstanding, thinking Harry became a thief again.

After a few months, he visited Howard in San Diego and helped him out during a investigation. He also helped defending San Diego, together with the Guild he worked in.


Additionally to his natural wind-elemental abilities, he can use a few sunlight-elemental spells with the Sunlight-elemental stone he got from his father. Thanks to Howard, he also earned some knowledge in alchemy.


He wields no weapons, only his sunlight-elemental stone which has some spells from his father. His main strategy is overheating his enemy to make them exhausted.


  • His element is sunlight
  • His favorite food is fried chicken
  • His favorite game is Duel Monsters
  • He is allergic to corn
  • His favorite ice cream flavour is lemon
  • His favorite beverage is water
  • His favorite sport is skydiving
  • His favorite color is orange
  • His favorie animal is the yellow baboon
  • His favorite instrument is the harp
  • His favorite number is 31
  • His favorite world is Torran
  • His dream destination is Cairo (succeded)
  • His favorite show is Huntik
  • His favorite is Avengers
  • His heavenly virtue is chastity
  • His deadly sin is greed
  • His role model is Yugi Muto
  • He is Heliopolist
  • He regularly sleeps from 20 to 6 o'clock