George Haroldi is a major stationed at the San Diego Barracks, and the first Wildman in history to become major in the United States Marine Corps.

Appearence Edit

Like other Wildman, his appearence resembles that of a humanoid gorilla, with black fur and grey skin. Mostly he is seen with his uniform, inspecting the progress of soldiers and aventurers at their training.

Personality Edit

Major Haroldi can be described as a often silent, serious and discipline-orientated individual, with small fretfullness, which is usual for his kind's psyche.

History Edit

Not much is known of his past, only that he began his military training at the age of 16 years. Sometime after becoming Major, he was stationed in San Diego, where he met the Guild which was later known to him as the Green Hunters. At first, he did have not much fate in these individuals but after several quests, he saw a spark of potential in them. During the battle of San Diego, he helped defend the city from soulless Husks together with Recruits and other warriors.

Abilities Edit

As a Wildman, he has a great amount of strength, being able to lift up to 625kg at once. His speed is similar to that of human athlets, being able to run 15 to 45km/h, but also having natural climbing abilities, doing that at a speed of 30km/h. Thanks to his years long military experience, he has great weaponry and strategic knowledge.

Equipment Edit

He is very well known with using shotguns, rifles and grenade launcher, but normally only having his bare fists as his main form of defense.

Trivia Edit

  • His elements are life and earth
  • He is the first Wildman born in San Diego.