Welcome to the Fauna's Heroes (Fanmade) WikiaEdit

Welcome to the data page for my (CyperRaptorX5074's) fan-made franchise "Fauna's Heroes". All series on this wiki take place in the same universe, called the WildRealm, a plane of existence similar to ours. You are free to contribute your own ideas for shows, movies, lore and crossovers. This wiki is a place of adventure.Be warned though, some Stories may contain primitive violence, sometimes intoxications and certain amount of mild language. What is not allowed though is nudity in sentient races, so Censorship is necessary.

Background InfoEdit

The WildRealm is ruled by a God-like beast with the fused appearence of a dragon, a tiger and gorilla called "The Alpha."

There are more habitable worlds here than in our universe. Many worlds of the WildRealm are based on Earth cultures and also have Earth creatures on them, whether they be creatures from the modern day, extinct ones, mythical beings or known species of aliens.

There is a little something you have to do so i can recognize you when you edited something. In this world, you must have an OC. If you can't draw that good, i can help out, no problem.

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