Falconare Perrisopolis is a member of the Detroit Paranormal Agency, and a additional member of the Detroit Police Department.

Appearence Edit

Falconare's main feather color aside from white is blue, with a black feather-hair style, and a yellow/red tiara showing black feathers in a straight position. Her skin is goldgray colored, having a yellow beak and black claws. She usually wears a gray shirt and a pink dress with a brown belt.

Personality Edit

She can be described as a caring person who is hitched up to the idea of preserving the life of others.

History Edit

Falconare was raised by a human doctor, due to her parents losing their egg during a accident. She was tought in ancient egyptian and modern medicine, with the addition of some weak forms of Necromancing magic. After reaching the age of 22, she went to North America, where she went to a police academy and became a member of both the Detroit Police Department and the Detroit Paranormal Agency.

Abilities Edit

As a Horus, she is well known with flying extreme speeds, using their claws like pincers and using sunlight-magic. One of the spells she learned, was the necromancer-spell, Death Order, which can revive someone who died in the timeframe of 10 seconds, and needs 3 seconds to fullfil.

Equipment Edit

She usually wields a Smith & Wesson M&P pistol, which she only wields in emergency situations.

Trivia Edit

  • Her element is wind