Diego Sempers is the Symbol Creature of the City of San Diego, and assistant of the City's leader.

Appearence Edit

Diego has got black short hair, a spiked goatie, a yellow pullover under his darkgrey suit, a blue pair of trousers and white/silver shoes.

Personality Edit

He is known to be a stoic and intelligent man, doing his best to represent his designated City, taking interest in many of San Diego's aspects: Like Biotechnology and medicine.

History Edit

At the Age of 19, he moved to Portugal where he later joined the permanent colonization of California. He was among the people which saw the establishment of San Diego, and becoming it's symbolic representive afterwards.

Abilities Edit

As a Valkyrie, he has got great flying skills, a strong skin and immunity to snake-venom. He also seems to be very skilled in blade and gun-fighting, due to having trained himself during his Time as representive.

Equipment Edit

In his normal equipment, he has got a blade-gauntlet, which can detach into a whip function

Trivia Edit

  • His element is water
  • His favorite food is chicken wings
  • His favorite beverage is water
  • His favorite instrument is the bell
  • He is Christian