Derek Oxford is a member of the Adventurer/Explorer-Guild, the Green Hunters.

Appearence Edit

Derek is a average built Android, having silver metal-skin, light blue muscles and a blue nose. The only clothings he wears are a big red hat and a red/black trench-coat.

Personality Edit

He is known to be a overstressed and high-strung person, often having fear of failing. Despite this, he is very trustworthy and stubborn, finishing everything he began.

History Edit

During his Childhood, he was raised by his father, due to his mother working overseas in Kyoto. At the Age of seven, he and his father moved to San Diego, where he befriended a Cyborg named Thomas Dash, and where his father found a abandoned bald eagle, which was then raised by Derek.

Around 2016, he went to the University of San Diego, together with Thomas later on. There, he worked on a special bionic-armor which shall help cure cybernetic-infections.

At the first demonstration, Thomas invited his Brother and his friends, but this was interrupted by a Zombie-gangster Gang called the Bling-Draugs, which wanted to steal his invention, re-programming it into a virus-armor. Derek didn't want this to happen, so he helped Garren to fend of the attackers. Due to this experience, and the patenting of his invention, he joined the Green Hunters.

Abilities Edit

As a Android, his brain has direct connection to the Terran wide web, which he can use in emergencies and is able to absorb electricity, using it as additional energy, healing inner mechanics or giving it off to other individuals. He is also very skilled in spear-fighting, learning it from studies alone.

Equipment Edit

He normally wears a pair of round glasses, which have a thermal-function in them. Although having great spear-wielding skills, he instead of a regular spear, he wields a blue-trident which he marked with silver-linings.

Trivia Edit

  • His element is Lightning
  • His favorite world is Cybertron
  • His favorite food is every sort of Apple-product
  • His favorite color is red, but his Team-color is cyan
  • His favorite beverage is water
  • He is allergic to Honey
  • His favorite animal is the Bald Eagle
  • His favorite show is Transformers Prime
  • His favorite movie is Wreck-it Ralph
  • His favorite video game is League of Legends
  • His favorite ice cream flavour is apple
  • His favorite sports is football
  • His favorite song is levels
  • His dream destination is Ganymede
  • His heavenly virtue is kindness
  • His deadly sin is envy
  • His role model is the Autobot Ratchet
  • He is Atheist
  • He normally sleeps from 23:10 - 0:00 o'clock (50 minutes)