Dagger Blings was a member of the Zombie-gangster gang, called the Bling Draugs.

Appearence Edit

Physically, Dagger seems to be in his 1st Stage of the Zombie life-cycle, having green skin and weaker organs. He has large eye bags, which comes from his overuse of physical energy. He has a red/white cappie, a yellow earring on his left ear, which is also cut in the middle.

In addition to his earring, he also has a golden necklace with a Z as its symbol, which stands for Zombie. He usually wears a blue T-shirt, with a purple jacket and a white woolly hood. He also wears darkgrey pants and black/white shoes.

Personality Edit

Dagger can be described as a psychotic individual that cares little for other individuals then the zombies of his group, which he willingly serves.

History Edit

After dropping out of Los Angeles Highschool, due to fighting with a lot of people, he left his parent's house and became a criminal. Eventually, he was brought out of jail by a man of his kind named Lucky Miles, who saw potential in him. One of his early tasks was the robbery of a jewelry, but he was stopped by a Ghost named Howard and jailed in. Together with his gang, he fought in the Battle of San Diego for reasons of conquering, but he was eventually beaten by a Oni named Kenji, losing his right arm in the process.

Abilities Edit

As a Zombie, he has immunity towards radioactivity, and has resistance to bullets, only dying if his brainstem is hit. He is also known to be a good baseball-player and knife-fighter. He usually distracts his enemy first, before attacking.

Equipment Edit

He usually has a baseball bat and a knife in his arsenal.

Trivia Edit

  • His element is lightning
  • His favorite food is chicken
  • His favorite ice cream flavour is strawberry
  • He dislikes chocolate
  • His favorite beverage is tomato juice
  • His favorite game is Danganronpa
  • His favorite sport is Baseball
  • His favorite color is gold
  • His favorite animal is the polar bear
  • His favorite song is highway to hell
  • His favorite instrument is the drums
  • His favorite number is 26
  • His favorite world is Terra
  • His favorite dream destination is Las Vegas
  • His favorite show is Game of Thrones
  • His favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings-Triology
  • His favorite season is summer
  • He is allergic to monkeys
  • His heavenly virtue is diligence
  • His deadly sin is greed
  • His role model is the Joker
  • He is a atheist