The Valkyrie (Homo aleatus walhallai) is one of the many Sentient Races of Planet Terra that were originally a Experiment of the Alpha, and a Part of the United Terran Races.

Taxonomy and EvolutionEdit

The Valkyrie was genetically Categorized in 1847 by a Man named Heine, as a nominate Subspecies of the Sky-People, with it's closest relative being the Angel.The DNA Used to create this Race, belonged to Angels, Swans and small parts of Crows.

It wasn't completly made from Experimentation, but where rather a Result of genetically modified Angels being brought to Scandinavia in the early 1th Century, leading to reproductive Isolation forming a new Subspecies. Oldest Archaeologic Research dated the exact Independence of the Subspecies at around 46.A.D.


Size Edit

The Height of the Valkyrie ranges from 170 to 190cm, a Wingspan of 480 to 530cm and weighing 56 to 68kg

Physical Features Edit

Their physical Structure is mostly like there relatives the Angels, with the Exception of the feathered Ears, which are used for asthetic purposes. The Hair Color of Valkyries ranges from mostly dark brown to golden and there Eye-Color always being a form of Blue. Male Valkyries have Navy blue Feathers with Purple tips, while Female Valkyries have White Feathers with Azure tips.
Valkyrie feathers

Valkyrie-feathers, female above, male below

To there Abilites belong Flight-Speed of a Valkyrie is measured up to 200 Kilometers per Hour, which makes it one of the fastest Creatures of Scandinavia, immense Strength, being able to normally lift something up to 450 Kilogramms in weight, a tissue three-times as Strong as Humans, high Intelligence which makes them able to fluidly learn up to Nine Languages, and Immunity to the Venom of Snakes, like the European Viper.


Homeworld Distribution Edit

Valkyries are native to Scandinavia,most prominently in Sweden, but later in time have established Populations in East-England, Germany, and single Individuals around the northern Hemisphere of Terra.
A Valkyrie at a river in sweden

A Valkyrie at a river in sweden

They prefer terrestrial subarctic Climates like in the Taiga and heat-sensitive Feathers, which is why a tried Settleling in Egypt was doomed to Failure and causes some minor Challenges for settleing other Regions of Terra like the Western United States.

In 1963, they established a colony under the japanese and norwegian government in Antarctica named Dome Fuji, which is used as research center for Humans.

Interstellar Settlements Edit

  1. Planet Jupiter
  2. Moon Leda (13th Satellite of Jupiter)
  3. Planet Asgard
  4. Planet Helheim

Behaivour and CultureEdit

Behaivourly, Valkyries are described as a honorable Race of Warriors, always following the Laws of the World, kill only when it is really necessary and always keep a Promise, even if it costs their Life.

They also have strong parental Instincts, which in many cases overcrosses with there Sense of Honor. For example, a Incident in 2033.A.D. in San Diego where a Valkyrie-Mother slaugthered a Gang of young-Adults for hurting and almost raping her Daughter. The Rulership of the Valkyries is a Monarchy, where the Female Leaderhaving the most Political Control, and the Male Leader only having Military Control.

Valkyrie 2033-Incident

The 2033-Incident

The Queen's Uniform consist of a Fire-colored Armor, a three-horned Crown and a Lance-Axe.
Clothings of a Valkyrie-Queen

Valkyrie queen Armor

The Females may be the superior Gender of the Race, but there Treatment with each other is like with equals. They may belong to the Skyman-Species and learn to Fly soon after the Day they started walking, but they are more used to a Life on the Ground, travelling either to Foot or with a Horse, which are seen as Holy Animals by the Valkyries. Especially when it is a pegasus.
A Valkyrie riding a Horse

a Valkyrie riding a horse

Every Valkyire is trained in self-defense when they reach Maturity, with some of them becoming some of the Strongest Soldiers in Scandinavian Military. The normal Clothing of any Valkyrie consist of a Armor which resembles a Knight with Viking-Aspects, which is from having close Relationships to Vikings in the Past.Female Valkyries don't wear as much Armor as the usually-full armored Males, and have aspects of a Dress to it.

The Weapon of Choice of a Valkyrie normally are a Sword and a Shield, but they are normally also skilled in Lance- and Hammer-fighting.
Traditional Valkyrie-Armor

Traditional Valkyrie-Armor

Valkyrie-Priests may also use Sword and Shield, but also tend to have a Gun with them, which is normally a very obscure Choice for any Valkyrie.
A Armed Valkyrie

A Armed Valkyrie

Originally, the Main Religion of the Valkyries was the Norse-Pantheon, but after the Ragnarök-War, most Norse-Gods have been trapped in their Mechanoia-Bodies without the Ability to move without a Pilot. From this Point on, the Valkyries have gone over to Christianity.

There foreign Language maybe Swedish, but the other eight Languages they normally learn are english, german, japanese, french, italian, dutch, spanish and russian.

They joined the United Terran Races on 05/05/2014.A.D.


Valkyries are a omnivorous Race, eating Fruits and Vegtebales, the Meat of Birds and Ungulates but are also able to eat spiritual Energy like Undead can.

Reproduction and Life CycleEdit

Valkyries tend to reach sexual maturity with the Age of 19 to 27 Years, and having their Mating Season in Feburary or March when they are in there 30s. The Mother-Valkyrie takes her gestation Period for normally 9 Months, normally giving birth to 1-2 Babies, each at the size of 64 to 66cm at birth. Valkyrie-birth maybe exhausting for the Mother, but not as Painful as with other Humanoids, where many Mothers just described it as "quite a difficulty".

A Valkyrie during Labor

This Valkyrie doesn't understand the Doctor's Words.

Both Mother and Father take care of the Newborn, but the Mother tends to happily do most of the Job. The Parents may live together as a Couple and tend to be in a Relationship, but they see each other as good Friends then as live-Partners, which is why many Valkyrie-Families having confusing Family Trees do to the common Half-siblings. They live in Family Groups from 20- 40 Mature Individuals with the Mother with the most Children always being in Charge.

When reaching Adulthood, a Valkyrie can choose from alone to either follow there Group or fly out to find a new One. The Young learns how to walk with the Age of 8-9 Months, and learns how to Fly with 11 Months.
First Flight of a little Valkyrie-Girl

Mother and Child during First Flight

During the Childhood, Valkyries tend to enjoy Games like Chess, riding Horses or skiing, and normally learn the Use of Weaponry at the Age of 20. After reaching this Age, there aging Process slows down drastically having reached middle-age at the Age 450 Years and living 700 to 1500 Years. In their Death, there Feathers disintergrate into Ash, which makes them very difficult to preserve.

Conservation Status Edit

The current Population is unknown, but they have got a Populationlimit of 6,000 in Reykjavik.

The Time of Extinction for the Valkyries is Unknown.

More Information following.

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