The Sobek (Crocodylanthropus suchos) also called Werecrocodile, is one of the many sentient races of Terra, that were originally a experiment of the Alpha. It is also one of the races to have traces of god-DNA.
Manuel Peter

Example: Sobek Male (Manuel Peter)

Taxonomy & EvolutionEdit

The Sobek was genetically categorized in 1998, by a man named David Frankfurter, being a result of crossbreeding nile crocodiles and west african crocodiles and infusing them with human-DNA in 3000.B.CE.



The average Height of a Sobek is about 240cm, with a average weight ranging from 125 to 175kg.

Physical FeaturesEdit

The crocodilian head additionally got long blue hair, with golden tips and additionally got little ears, similar to those of antelopes. The reptilian skin of the Sobeks are green, with males having yellow underbellies and females having a blue underbellies, both of then having green stripes going over the chest and stomach. The spikes on the back also vary by Gender, with the males having a scarlet color and females having yellow ones.


Homeworld DistributionEdit

Sobeks are native to the Nile river, with the largest populations living in the cities named Faiyum and Kom Ombo.

Interstellar SettlementsEdit

So far, the Sobeks are not known to have settled onto other worlds.

Behaivour and CultureEdit

Sobeks are known to be a protective race of farmers and warriors, which are often associated with pharaonic properties. Coincedently, the rulership of the Sobeks is a pharaonic monarchy, with their Pharaoh being darker in skin-tone and a wielder of a blue-scythe. Additionally, they normally keep creatures like cobras, antelopes and cattle as pets.

The clothings of a Sobek normally consist of a necklace, blue limb-rings, and a yellow/white skirt or kilt. The normal weaponry of a Sobek consist of spears and daggers, but they normally fight like their crocodilian ancestors by using their powerful jaw.

Their foreign language is known to be arabic, but have additionally learned english and are also able to communicate with crocodiles.


They are purely carnivorous, taking every form of meat, but preferingly feasting on vertebrates, primarily mammals.

Reproduction & Life CycleEdit

The sexual maturity is known to be reached at the age of 22 to 36 years, normally mating around raining season. After carrying the eggs for 30 to 50 days, they lay 60 to 80 eggs, which are hatching after 96 days. The mother always keeps a eye on her hatchlings, even after they reach adulthood. The lifespan of a Sobek goes up from 130 to 190 years.

Conservation StatusEdit

The Status of the Sobek is yet to be known.

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