The Slime (Amoebanthropus aculapus) is one of the many sentient races of Terra, which were originally a experiment of the Alpha, and member of the United Terran Races.
Amy Korrell

Example: Slime Female (Amy Korrell)

Taxonomy & EvolutionEdit

The Slime was genetically categorized in 1963, by a man named Blair Robertson, having derived from a experiment with human, amoeba and jellyfish-DNA in 3000 BCE.



They have a average height ranging from 150 to 200cm, and a average weight ranging from 70 to 150kg, but they can change their size by absorbing or releasing liquids.

Physical FeaturesEdit

The Slimes have a gelatin-like body, with sticky skin, typically ranging from blue, green, pink, red and black. They do not have solid organs, so they cannot be harmed in a normal way, and using phagocytosis for consuming food. They have got tentacles similar to hair on their heads, which are webbed together like a mass of gelatinous matter in a different color, ranging from green, brown and purple. The average speed of a Slime goes up to 25km/h.

Absorbing different liquids have different effects on the Slime itself, with freshwater slightly changing the size of the body, honey enhancing the size to Kaiju-level measurements, poison or venom making them more aggresive but not getting health-problems through the poison or venom, mineral-rich water increasing their intelligence and saltwater making them lustful. Due to their abilities, they are able to shoot water out of their hands and using aquakinesis.


Homeworld DistributionEdit

The Slimes are known to have originated from British Columbia, but have spread over all known pacific-coast nations. They prefer to live in metropolan or subterran areas.

Interstellar SettlementsEdit

So far, they are not known to have settled onto other worlds.

Behaivour & CultureEdit

Slimes are known to be behaivourly similar to human children, being emotionally strong and curious, even speaking like such. Normally, slimes dislike wearing clothes, with the exception of swimsuits and rain jackets, but if its necessary, they will wear other clothing to fit into human society. Their rulership is known to be a imperial matriarchy, with the empress living in the native region of British Columbia. They do not follow any god that guards Planet Terra. They are known to speak english, japanese and Tsimshian. They were one of the founding races of the United Terran Races, on 09/03/2009 AD.


They are known to be omnivorous in diet, not having special preferences in either plants or flesh.

Reproduction & Life CycleEdit

Slimes reach sexual maturity at the age of 20 to 30 years, having no actual mating season. When wanting to reproduce, the female absorbs or fuse with the mate and creates offsprings by leftover genes, which are born after a gestation period of 10 months. They have a lifespan reaching up to 460 years.

Conservation StatusEdit

The Slimes are only rarely seen, with many people speculating that they are endangered on their homeworld. Some races haven't even heard of them.

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