The Oni (Orcus daemon) is one of the many sentient races of Terra, that were originally a experiment of the Alpha and part of the United Terran Races.

Kenji Yamashiro

Example: Oni Male (Kenji Yamashiro)

Taxonomy & EvolutionEdit

The Oni was genetically catergorized in 1965 by a man named Daniel Crump Buchanan. The species was created in Feburary of 14,000 BCE,by using the DNA of Human, Ogre, Troll, Devil and Ox. After the Introduction of Buddhism into Japan in 552.A.D, two new species, very similar to the regular Oni have developed through cross-breeding with introduced races: The Rakshasa-gened Aka-Oni and the Yaksha-gened Ao-Oni.



The height of a Oni ranges from 195 to 270cm, having a weight ranging from 160 to 300kg.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Not counting the subspecies, Oni have got three eyes, with normaly yellow or silver eyes. Their skin normally ranges from white to green, often having red-tiger like stripes and wild hair. They typical got two silver horns formed like those of oxes, curved fangs on the jaw and sharp claws on their fingers and feet instead of nails, similar to a tiger, which is useful for climbing and defense. Something unique among the Oni is, that their Number of fingers can vary between 4 and 5. Their physical features include high strength, agility and analytical skills, often labeled by Humans as a literal Ninja-species.


Homeworld DistributionEdit

Oni are known to be native to Mount Hiei, having spread to the Kyoto, Tokyo and Tottori prefecture during the pre-buddhist age. After 552.A.D, the species have settled to China and India.

Interstellar SettlementsEdit

  1. Planet Diyu

Behaivour and CultureEdit

Despite not being subspecies, white and green Oni have differences in natural behaivour. While the white Oni are more honorable,righteous and open, the green Oni are more cunning and sly in nature. Both types are known to practice eastern human-martial arts, farming styles and weaponry. The Oni have strong associations with tigers, keeping them as pets, similar to dogs. Their subspecies take this aspect a step further and also use tigers as either clothing-origin or food, similar to sheep.

The Oni are a republical species, voting their leader every six years as the Dai-Oni. Male Oni tend to be topless, never putting clothes over their torso, while female Oni tend to use clothing normally clompletly over their body.

Oni are known to have strong beliefs in Shintoism, Taoism and Buddhism as their religions.

They normally tend to speak Japanese, Chinese and hindi, but addiotionally speak a combined lanuage that is labeled as "Oninese". Additionally, they are able to communicate with souls and bovines.

The Oni was one of the founding members of the United Terran Races, on 09/03/2009.A.D.


Oni are omnivorous in diet, although prefering a carnivorous diet, eating cat, cattle and even human meat at times, they also like fruits like peaches. They seem to have a strong taste for alcohol, being partialy immune to its dazy effects.

Reproduction & Life CycleEdit

The Oni reaches sexual maturity at the age of 16 to 19 years, normally being ready to mate during spring. After a gestation period of 288 days, the mother gives birth to one or two children, occasionly even three. They normally start learning about stealth-walking and fighting at the age of four years, having finished when the reach maturity. The Lifespan of a Oni goes from 200 to 400 years.

Conservation StatusEdit

The actual status of the Oni is unknown, but is considered that they have the Status of being Vulnerable. No complete numbers have been given, but there are known to live 3,000 Oni in the Kyoto Prefecture.

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