The Minotaur (Bovinianthropus minos) is one of the many sentient races of Terra, which were one of the experiments of the Alpha, and part of the United Terran Races.
Melissa Mirone

Example: Minotaur Female (Melissa Mirone)

Taxonomy & EvolutionEdit

The Minotaur was genetically categorized in 1911 by a man named Hugh Chisholm, having been created by a genetic mix of Human and Aurochs-DNA in 20,000 BCE.



The Height of a Minotaur ranges from 215,9 to 226,06cm, with a average weight of 145 to 160kg.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Minotaurs have a brown and furry lower body, with bovine legs and tail, a hairless torso except for the back, and a head with ears and curved horns like a Ox. While male Minotaurs are wider built and got a bovine skull, while female Minotaurs have a more humanoid skull and a curvier physique, with their smallest bustsize being J. Both genders have large amounts of strength, being able to lift 2200kg, have a speed of 30 to 60km/h.


Homeworld DistributionEdit

The Minotaur is native to Crete, living in mountainous and forest areas. In 1600 BCE, they have settled onto Cyprus, 566 BCE onto the mainland of Greece and later joined the Romans which led to a further spread of the species over the european continent.

Interstellar SettlementsEdit

  1. Planet Mars
  2. Moon Deimos (2nd Satellite of Mars)
  3. Planet Jupiter
  4. Moon Europa (2nd Satellite of Jupiter)
  5. Moon Pasiphae (8th Satellite of Jupiter)
  6. Planet Saturn
  7. Planet Uranus
  8. Planet Inferno
  9. Planet 4032-Green-877

Behaivour & CultureEdit

Minotaurs are known to be a territorial, warrior-like species, having small degrees of nobility and aggresive behaivour being mixed with great knowledge about agriculture and riddles. They typically work as soldiers, where they typically use axes, farmers and detectives, following their quirks. Their architecture of Minotaur is reminiscent to labyrinths in honor of the Minotaur Asterion, in addition of hedge-art. Additionally, they followed the tradition of Asterion's legend, they became a monarchy when he passed away.When it comes to religion, they follow the greek god poseidon, due to the heritage of their species-hero. They are one of the founding races of  the United Terran Races, on 09/03/2009 AD.


The Minotaur is known to be oppurtunistic omnivores, eating the things they cultivate, like vegtebales, crops, chickens, livestock, even being able to drink blood without problem. In ancient times, they ate human meat, but this was restricted to seven to nine criminals every year, slayed by the royal family.

Reproduction & Life CycleEdit

They reach sexual maturity at the age of 15 years, normally mating around the warmer seasons. After a gestation period of 5 months, the mother gives birth to one calf, which stays at the mother only until it reaches maturity. They have a lifespan of 80 to 100 years.

Conservation StatusEdit

The Status on their homeworld is unknown, but they are known to become extinct in 845 AD on Planet 4032-Green-877.

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