The Lizardman (Lacertanthropus davisi), often called Lizardfolk is one of the many sentient races of Planet Terra that were originally a Experiment of the Alpha, and part of the United Terran Races.
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Taxonomy and EvolutionEdit

The Lizardman was genetically categorized in 1988 by a Man named Cristopher Davis, as a nominate Species of Anthro-reptiles. They were created by the Alpha in 10,000.B.CE, being composed out of human, iguana, monitor-lizard, snapping turtle and alligator-DNA.



Their height ranges from 180 to 210cm, with a tail length of 140cm, and can weigh from 90,7 to 113kg.

Physical FeaturesEdit

The posture similar to a early depiction of a theropod Dinosaur, having a upright back and dragging their tail on the ground. The head resembles the Head of a Iguana, mixed with details of a Megalosaurus and the addition of a small sail on its head.Their teeth have a paralyzing-venom that gets injected when bitten, which is useful during confrontations. The tail resembles the one of a alligator, with the addition of iguana-spikes which go down from the neck. The scales of the lizardmen were made from Snake-DNA, with their color ranging from green to blue, with their underbelly varying from white to yellow.

While males have visible teeth when their jaw is closed and do not have visible ears, females do not show their teeth when their jaw is closed and got visible fin-like ears. Females also got a more upright posture then males. The backscales also only reach to the hip-range unlike the males. Lizardmen can reach speeds up to 60km/h, swim up to 90km/h and can lift up to 693kg, being 1,4x stronger the Humans.


Homeworld DistributionEdit

Originally, they were widespread in the east-side of the United States, but after colonizations from britain, their population declined, being pushed back to Lee County,South Carolina. It was the only place on Terra where Lizardman live, until 1987, where they began to re-spread over America. They prefer biomes like wetlands and rainforests, which is why they settled on both parts of the American double continent.

Interstellar SettlementsEdit

  1. Planet Venus
  2. Planet Mars
  3. Planet Jupiter
  4. Moon Io (1st Satellite of Jupiter)
  5. Planet Saturn

Behaivour and CultureEdit

Lizardmen were originaly a imperial tribal species, which live in hunter-gatherer societies, each having a Chief who is chosen by a test of strength every five years, which support a emperor. The winner becomes the new Chief of the Tribe. If Lizardmen reaches its 25th year of life, they can move away from their Tribe when they want to, needing the allowance of the Elders of their kin to do so. Male Lizardman are trained to be Hunters and Warriors, while female Lizardman tend to become gatherers and druids. Around the Victorian age, the species became a kingship, but still kept their tribal traditions.

Their weapons of choice normally are spears, bows, maces and stone-axes, with a additionall shield at the right arm. Formally, Lizardman-shields are made out of sea turtle-shells, but after the illegalization of killing sea turtles on Terra, their shields are made out of wood or stone. Except for a belt for weaponry and armored gloves, they do not wear clothes, with exceptions normally living in metropolic areas.

Lizardman are known to be Atheists, not following any form of religion. Their main language is english, with the secondary languages being spanish and portugese. They were part of the founding Races of the United Terran Races, in 09/03/2009.A.D.


They are known to be a omnivorous species, but they prefer a carnivorous diet. Aside from fruit, they feed on insects, turtles, fish and large mammals like bears, deer and mammoths.

Reproduction and Life CycleEdit

They reach their sexual maturity at the age of 14 to 20 years, having their mating season ranging from november to march. They built there nests out of leaves and tree-branches, where they lay five to six eggs, which they incubate for 200 to 250 days. They live at their parents home up to the Age of 15 years, where they build their own home out of trees, mud, leaves and stones. Their lifespan can range from 80 to 150 years, digging their own grave before they die naturally.

Conservation StatusEdit

The Lizardman were once a nearly extinct Race during the Time of the colonization of the north american continent, being hunted by humans and treated as wild ones, but with the beginning of the reservations, their Species recovered from it's near end after a few generations. Currently, they got the Status of being Near Threatend. They have got a regional Population-limit of 4284 in Los Angeles.

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