The Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) is one of the few sentient races from Terra which have evolved naturally, and the leading kind in the United Terran Races.

Taxonomy & Evolution Edit

The Human was genetically categorized in 1758 by a man named Carl Linneaus, having evolved on 31st of December, 350,000.B.CE. being the last surviving natural-subspecies of Humanity, a Species of bipedal Apes with high cognitive abilities. After crossing many parts of their homeworld, Humans have accessed more then 15 known different variations, which did not diverge into their own kind.

Characteristics Edit

Size Edit

The average height of a Human ranges from 158 to 172cm, with extremes ranging from 54,6 to 350cm, and have got a average weight ranging from 54 to 83kg, with extremes raging from 27 to 635kg.

Physical Features Edit

Humans are known to have a high skin- and hair-color variation depending on region or lineage, ranging from darkbrown to pale-white skin and dark-black to white-hair. Their hair normally covers their head, but can also grow on the limbs, chin and torso. They can reach speeds up to 40,7 kilometers per hour, and lifting things up to 500kg.

Distribution Edit

Homeworld Distribution Edit

Originally, Humans lived in only in Ethiopia, until a timespan between 350,000.B.CE to 300,000.B.CE where they started to expand their homelands, starting with Sudan. It took millenia for the humans to spread all over Terra, until they reached Antarctica in 1895.A.D. From there, Homo sapiens sapiens was known as the most widespread sentient race that evolved on Terra, so far.

Interstellar Settlements Edit

  1. Planet Mercury -since 30/04/2015.A.D.
  2. Planet Venus -since 07/12/2015.A.D.
  3. Moon Luna (Satellite of Terra)-since 20/06/1969.A.D.
  4. Planet Mars -since 2024.A.D.
  5. MP12796 Kamenrider -since 2029.A.D.
  6. Planet Jupiter -since 2030.A.D.
  7. Moon Io (1st Satellite of Jupiter) -since 2032.A.D.
  8. Moon Ganymede (3rd Satellite of Jupiter)-since 2022.A.D.
  9. Moon Callisto (4th Satellite of Jupiter)-since 2045.A.D.
  10. Moon Sinope (9th Satellite of Jupiter)
  11. Moon Aitne (31st Satellite of Jupiter)
  12. MP1 Ceres
  13. Planet Saturn
  14. Planet Uranus
  15. MP134340 Pluto -since 2050.A.D.
  16. Moon Kerberos -since 2078.A.D.
  17. Planet Kepler-10c -since 2070.A.D.
  18. Planet Tau Ceti e -since 2070.A.D.

Behaivour and Culture Edit

Humans are known to be highly social creatures like their homonid-relatives, living in complex social-groups, consisting out of friends, family and sometimes even strangers. The most widespread form of rulership within humans is orientated on coordination, with the people deciding over many aspects of Life via vote. Unlike other Races, the Humans do not follow a official Race-Leader directly, but many leaders representing the different Nations of Terra and Interstellar colonies. The leader of the Humans is chosen by heart, intelligence and strength in every generation.

They are also well-known to be the most independent Race from Magic, having controlled the political face of Terra for more then 10,000 years, without a single spell. Their most well-known feature in culture, is their imagination and curiosity, resulting into the taming of many creatures and the invention to many things, like entertainment-tools, bombs and spacecrafts.

Until 170,000.B.CE, Humans did not wear any form of clothing, but have developed many functions for it over the corse of time, as armory, warmth and astethic purposes. The gender roles are culturally varying, supporting each other in many parts of the world, with exact occupations depending on the individual.

The relationship between Humans and other races native to Terra started out as conflicting, seeing beings like Liminals as monsters, slaying many of them. After some time, the races of each region have united to support each other, but still having conflicts.

After various liminal-conflicts around the World, the Humans founded the United Terran Races on the 9th of March 2009.A.D, to preserve the peace between all sentient beings that evolved on their world. They not only united with sentient races, but were also able to tame, domesticate and create their own creatures which helped them thenceforth.

Diet Edit

Humans are omnivorous beings, but having many variations in prefers raging from completly herbivorous to mostly carnivorous. They have hunted and collected their food in nature, but after the introduction of agriculture, they were able to grow their own food and store it.

Reproduction and Life Cycle Edit

A human reaches sexual maturity between 12-15 years, but normally reproduce at the ages from 20 to 40 years, but being able to from 12 to 51 years. After a average time of 38 weeks, 1 to 3, max.15 offsprings are born, being 50 to 60cm tall and weighing up to 3 to 4kg at birth. They reach middle-age around their 30s to 40s, and have a average Lifespan of 70- 80 years, with a maximum of 130 to supposedly 256 years under normal circumstances.

Conservation Status Edit

The Humans are the most successful species that has evolved naturally on Terra, which even impressed the Alpha. They got a Homeworld-Populationlimit of 5 billion, which they haved reached in 1986.A.D, causing the Interstellar-Migration chosen by higher-ranked races. Their population of 2018.A.D in the Sol-System is known to be 7,6 Billion.

  1. Terra: 3,984,572,486 (12/12/1972)
  2. Luna: 37,850' '(12/12/1972)

Their extinction is said to be in 5,000,000,000.A.D. with the last full-blooded Human dying of dehydration.

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