The Common Ghost (Animus sapiens) is one of the many Sentient Races of Planet Terra that were originally a Experiment of the Alpha, and One of the founding Races of the United Terran Races.

Taxonomy and EvolutionEdit

The Common Ghost has been in Genetically Categorized in 1804 by R.S.Kriby, as a Nominate Species of Ghost. After the Evolution of the Genus Animus during the Mesopotamian Era, the Alpha led a Population to Middle- and Western Europe where they developed a Enjoyment for scaring Humans, leading to the Evolution of the Common Ghost around 3000 BCE.



The Height of the Common Ghost ranges from 150- 200cm in Average and 100 - 4500 grams, do to being a Ectoplasma-based.

Physical FeaturesEdit

There Body is made out of Ectoplasma, the same Matter that Souls are made out of, which makes them able to change their density, going through Walls by will, and also grabbing other Things out of harder Material at the same Time. They typically have white Skin, black hole-like Eyes and lightblue Patterns spread over their Skin. It's hard to notice, because they usually glow in a azure shimmer.

While the Males have no Hair, the Females have a azure Mane that goes upwards. There Way of Locomotion is by floating, like with all Ghosts and can can go up to Speeds of 40- 50 Kilometers per Hour.There greatest Weakness is a high vulnerablility of saltwater, which is able to burn there Skin and interior Organs.


Homeworld DistributionEdit

The Common Ghost is originally distributed in the middle east, primarily Mesopotamia, but have later spread to the Region of the Western Roman Empire, and during the middle Ages they spread to the Northern parts of Europe. With the Introduction of Global Trading System via Ship, some Ghosts spread to other Regions of Terra, including the United States where they settled in the Urban Areas. They are usually seen in the United States and many parts of Europe, but rarely in other Parts of the Planet.

Interstellar SettlementsEdit

  1. Star Sol
  2. Moon Luna -since 1321.A.D-
  3. Planet Saturn
  4. Planet Neptune

Behaivour and CultureEdit

Common Ghosts are very similar to Humans in behaviour, do to having evolved from Human Souls. When a Ghost is born, they share many similarities in behaviour and Interest to a Human that died in the same Year. They may be similar, but a majority of them has the Tendency to bring joyful Fear into the Hearts of other Beings. Not absolute Horrors like some of their relatives, but more like supernatural Jokes and Games. Those who don't follow the Philosophy of scaring are rather timid People, which have a high fear from Humanos-Races.

When it comes to their Homes, these Ghosts are very territorial, which is where they lay off there timidness or simple Jokes and defend their living Space. You can only get a Common Ghost out of a House by either doing a embarrasing Task or a high offering of Food.

Ghosts usually do not wear Clothes, but in the most Cases they wear white or gray-ish Robes. The Race's Rulership is a Monarchy, where the Male have more political Control than the Female. The Clothing of the Common Ghost's Leaders is a Black/Purple Uniform with a purple-Cape and a dark Crown.

There Main Language is english, with there other two most spoken Languages being german and french.

The majority of Common Ghosts are Atheist, but among the minority of the Population they mostly follow Christianity as there Religion.

They are one of the Founding Races of the United Terran Races in 09/03/2009.A.D.


Ghosts are omnivorous, not only being able to Eat normal Food but also Lifeless Souls, which they only do when no other Food-Source is available. In the United States, most notably the State New York, Common Ghosts came to the Taste of sweets like Marshmallows and Chocolate, which became a Treat for many Ghosts that live on the Amercian Continent.

Reproduction and Life CycleEdit

The Common Ghost reaches sexual Maturity around the same Time Humans do, at the Age of 13 to 18 Years, normally mate during the cold Seasons, preferibally Fall, and also have a Gestation Period of 8 to 9 Months, giving birth to 1-4 Young.The Young don't have a need to be nutured The Style of Family life depends on the Individual, some Common Ghosts stay within their Families reach and others live as loners. They reach there middle Age at 27- 35 Years and live up to 150 Years. When they die, they dissolve into thin Air.

Conservation StatusEdit

There current (2018) Population in the Sol-System, is known to be 26,7 Billion.

The Extinction Time of the Common Ghost is yet Unknown.

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