The Centaur (Kentauros equos), also known as Hippocentaur, is one of the many races of Terra, that were originally a experiment of the Alpha and part of the United Terran Races.
Lea Hylonoma

Example: Centaur Female, called Centaurid (Lea Hylonoma)

Taxonomy and EvolutionEdit

The Centaur was genetically categorized in 1898 by a man named Dr.Ernest Drake, having been created by skeletal structures of humans, horses and chalicotheres, in 30,000 BCE. They are known as the first species of the Genus Kentauros.



They have a height of 210 to 270cm, reaching a body-length of 240 to 280cm. Their weight ranges from 635 to 950kg.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Centaurs are known to be tan-skinned with light-colored hair at their tail and human-part. The horse-part of the body is formed like a domesticated horse, with the Head being replaced by a Humanoid torso.With their equine legs, they can reach speeds up to 75km/h. The Centaurids are known to normally have a ample bust size, ranging from E to K, which are needed for nurturing their children.


Homeworld DistributionEdit

Centaurs originally come from the Magnesian region of Greece, but have spreat all over the Thessalian an Laconian region during the Time of the Greek Gods starting in 6000 BCE. One tribe of Centaurs settled in Cyprus thanks to the greek thunder-god Zeus, for protection of a infant Dionysus and being crossed with Minotaurs to create the Minocentaurs.

After the Settlement on Cyprus, eventually they have spreat to the Mersin Province of Turkey and living with the ancient Yadava people in northwest India.

After joining the Romans, they spread over europe, westasia and northafrica. In the year 800.AD they have settled into Scotland and have spread to Russia in the Year 1700.AD. Sometime after, they settled to the cities of Knoxville in 1794.AD, New York and Los Angeles. In the Anthropocene, their Capital is the greek city of Volos.

Interstellar SettlementsEdit

  1. Moon Luna -since 79.A.D.-
  2. Planet Jupiter
  3. Moon Erinome (25th Moon of Jupiter)
  4. Planet Saturn
  5. Planet Inferno

Behaivour & CultureEdit

During the timespan between 35,000 - 5,000 BCE, Centaurs were known to have wild, barbarious and untamed tendencies, being animalistic in nature haven't reached behavior modernity at the time.

After reaching the bronze age, they became wiser and nobler but still having wild instincts and not having own species laws. They are often associated to being specialists in astrology, archery, art, music, blacksmithing and weaponry, normally using swords, bows or lances. Due to their wide range of knowledge, they are often employed by Humans as teachers, with the most famous being Chiron, the Teacher of Greek's mightiest heroes.

In North America, they often become either members of the US Government or of the Police. Their barbaric nature can still be seen in Battles formed by personal reasons, often killing the enemy in the process.

After achieving behaivour modernity, their tribal nature changed into a monarchy, with their first king being the legendary Centaurus, who was the son of Ixion and Nephele. The Centaurs have also strong connections to Shetland ponies, Unicorns, goats and griffins, keeping them as pets.

Their religion is directed towards the roman and greek gods, mostly following Apollo, Peneus, Hera and Zeus. They are known to be highly multilingual, speaking mostly greek, italian, french, english, german, turkish and russian.

The Centaurs was one of the Founding members of the United Terran Races, on 09/03/2009.A.D.


Centaurs are known to be omnivorous, eating both vegtebales (especially carrots) and raw meat. Additionally, they are known to have a strong liking towards grapes, having wine being the most used beverage aside from water or milk.

Reproduction & Life CycleEdit

The Centaur reaches sexual maturity at the age of 16 years, normally mating in the warmer seasons. The Centaurid carries the offspring for 11 months, normally giving birth to one foal, nurturing them to the age of two years. They normally live 70 to 90 years.

Conservation StatusEdit

They have got a homeworld-population of 327,000 (2016) know to be Vulnerable in Categorization

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