Aquilor Visharna is the marksman of the Detroit Paranormal Agency.


Aquilor has white feathers at the head, similar to a bald eagle, and white wingtips. His skin color is red, but also the color of the middle of the wing. The feet are colored in gold/gray with the claws being darkgrey. He normally wears a pair of rectangular glasses and a headset with microphone attached, a brown/red jacket with a white shirt under it.


He is known to be a action-loving individual, but has a cool-head which is very important for using his sniper-rifle.


In his Childhood, he got a love for Live-Action movies, which partialy inspired him to become a warrior, in this case a marksman. After finishing high school, he was trained in marksman ship and went to the United States of America afterwords, where he joined the Detroit Paranormal Agency, which investigates events in contact with unnatural life.


Due to being a Garuda, he can fly up to 330km/h and has got a strong back for carrying people. He has strong arms and has sturdily legs, which is useful for wielding powerful shooting weapons.


He usually got a Remington Model 700 as his primary weapon, mostly attacking from far away.


  • His element is lightning
  • His favorite Media-genre is Action (Live-Action)