Antony Georges is the first Goatman-Officer at the San Diego Police Department.

Appearence Edit

Antony has got lightbrown fur with a darkbrown back, which starts from the tip of his black nose to his grey-hooved legs. His horns are darkgrey. He usually wears a typical Police Uniform from the San Diego Police Department.

Personality Edit

As the first of his kin who joined the police of San Diego, he is slightly proud of himself and has a strict thinking of following law and order. Due to Guilds and legal Superheroes being part of the Government, he has some fear of trying to tell them of a broken law, due to them being somewhat allowed to go over some laws.

History Edit

He moved from the Native city of the Goatmen to San Diego at the age of 15, where he has gone to the San Diego Highschool. At the Age of 24, he joined the San Diego Police where he became a Officer for many years. He helped with protecting and evacuating the people during both battles of San Diego.

Abilities Edit

He has great shooting skills, and has his ramming horn-technique like the others of his kind. Also, he is known to be a good driver.

Equipment Edit

He normally got a pistol with him, and also uses his horns has weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a Fan of Spiderman