Amy Korrell is a rollerscater from Stronsay.

Appearence Edit

She has a lightblue body, with purple tentacle-hair and light purple eyes. She usually wears a white shirt, a darkpink pair of underwear and blue rollerscaters.

History Edit

She gained her interest in rollerscating eversince she could walk. At the age of 18, Amy moved to San Diego to enhance her capabilities, becoming the first professional slime rollerscater in History.

When she was 25, she was abducted by a Vampire named Vyron, who injected her with Orochi-Blood which caused her to go berserk. Her suffer was noticed by a Guild named the Green Hunters, which cured her with mixing the orochi-blood with fat, neutralizing the affect.

Personality Edit

In her normal state, she is a cheerful and determened woman, but can also be clumsy and simple-minded at times. When poisoned, her personality becomes more bestial and destructive, not caring about her surronding.

Abilities Edit

As a slime, she can absorb water to enhance her own body, which she uses best in pools, where she herself takes the role of pool water.

Equipment Edit

She does not use Weapons in a normal sense, but rather uses her rollerscates for kick attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • Her bustsize is 95
  • Her elements are water and lightning
  • Her favorite world is Terra
  • Her favorite foods are hamburgers, french frites, chicken, apples, hot dogs and ice cream
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Her favorite beverage is cola
  • She is allergic to dogs
  • Her favorite animal is the Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Her favorite show is My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
  • Her favorite movie is Minions
  • Her favorite game is Monopoly
  • Her favorite ice cream flavours are vanilla, caramell and chocolate
  • Her favorite sports is rollerscating
  • Her favorite song is OldMcDonald
  • Her favorite instrument is the Banjo
  • Her dream destination is New York City
  • Her heavenly virtue is kindness
  • Her deadly sin is gluttony
  • Her role model is Julie Makamoto
  • She is Atheist
  • She does not sleep