Alfred William is a member of the purely Zombie crime-syndicate, the Bling Draugs.

Appearence Edit

Alfred is known to be a robust-built Zombie with green skin, which indicates that he didn't reach Stage 3 of the Zombie-Lifecycle, a tatoo of a winged demon skull on his right shoulder and two scars, one straight scar on his left arm and a lightning-formed scar on his right arm.

He typically wears a light brown hat, a white shirt with a hole on its right side, a pair of jeans with brown shoes and a blue tie.

Personality Edit

He is known to be a determend, strong, but slightly dimwitted individual, often known not to be tasked with complicated duties but rather just being used as a guard by others of the Bling Draugs.

History Edit

Not much is known about his past, but Alfred was known to often work for different people as a guard, until he eventually came to the Bling Draugs. After four years, he became a trusted member of Lucky Miles's personal guards. Around the time the Green Hunters began fight them, he was often beaten up.

Abilities Edit

As a Zombie, he has immunity against radioactivity, has a regenerative affection towards salt and cannot die unless his brain-stem gets destroyed. His major weakness are extreme cold temperatures, which causes him to either collapse or freeze. He is also known to have some experience in boxing.

Equipment Edit

Usually he has a large gun with him, but mostly uses his fists to fight.

Trivia Edit

  • His element is earth
  • His favorite color is blue
  • His favorite sports are boxing and wrestling